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Grades: All

The Joyfully Jolly Jamboree

Joshua Holden

The Joshua Show’s The Joyfully Jolly Jamboree oozes vintage charm and is the perfect addition to your family’s holiday programming. Hosted by award-winning American puppeteer and Ambassador of Joy, Joshua Holden, we’re transported to the world of a nostalgic TV holiday special complete with 11 original songs, beautifully handcrafted puppets, sensational commercial breaks, a rousingly hilarious singalong, and toe-tapping choreography by broadway’s Danny Gardner (Dames At Sea). There’s something for everybody in this 50-minute intimate spectacle, but we guarantee that no matter who you are, The Joyfully Jolly Jamboree is the soul-soothing medicine you need to get in the spirit.


“Mr. Holden has dedicated his shows to lightening the mood of all in the theater, puppets and humans alike." – The New York Times

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