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In The Fire

…too often the empathetic storytelling, memory sharing, and sincere display of appreciation is left to a time when the person is no longer earthside to participate in the understanding of their life through the eyes of loved ones. For Holly Treddenick, Artistic Director of Femmes du Feu Creations, a not-for-profit arts organization, and co-owner of The Bank Art House in Welland, Ontario In the Fire is the opportunity to capture stories from her Father’s experience as a Firefighter, with his input. The performance intends to share an understanding of firefighting with a wider audience – to appreciate and understand the work they offer – but also pay tribute to the influence Treddenick’s Father has had in her life. Through the creation of set pieces, aerial dance, inventive apparatuses, a choir (Opus 8 from Toronto), and projection, In the Fire captures, re-interprets and shares important stories from Treddenick’s father, who is also the last living founder of the Winnipeg Firefighter Museum. During the 60 minute performance, all are invited into a reflective space to witness the evolution of a father/daughter relationship, to stir a sense of hopefulness in their own lives, and “light the fire”.

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