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Ages: 6-12

Grades: K-6

Heartbeat Reverie

*Nominated for eight Montreal English Theatre Awards, including Best Production

A young boy falls asleep under anesthesia while receiving a heart transplant. He journeys through a series of dreams exploring the wonder of childhood and his fear of hospitals. His mother's voice acts as a beacon, drawing him back to the waking world, where he receives a brand new heart.

​Heartbeat Reverie is an imaginative theatrical odyssey for 6-12 year olds that poetically envisions a child’s interior landscape during a moment of medical intervention.

Inspired by personal experiences and the bravery of young children who experience hardships, the piece reveals a delicate dreamworld that blooms with the power of hope and beauty in the face of uncertainty.

Submerged in the liminal spaces at the threshold of sleep, traces of dreams and reality coalesce. From the sounds of the paediatric ICU and the voices of doctors, to an oceanic fog that gives way to a landscape of clouds, Heartbeat Reverie takes its young audiences on a surprising and engaging journey. With an open visual dramaturgy that leaves space for interpretation, the piece delicately nurtures philosophical questions related to life, death, and the spaces in between.

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