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Ages: 0-3

Grades: PreK

Beatles For Babies

Four musicians on the move (violin, saxophone, cello, and percussion) and a dancer invite babies and families to participate in a warm and exciting tribute to The Beatles.

A show/concert with a non-childish, respectful, and artistically contemporary language.A visual and sound proposal in which children and adults enjoy a selection of songs with sophisticated arrangements, performed by musicians with proven professional backgrounds.

There is a suggestive stage, games with interactive videos and the public participates with percussion instruments.

Adults, babies, and children are invited to actively participate in the show. Babies can move freely around and inside the stage and are allowed to interact with the performers. Children sing, dance, interact, play, and enjoy music, movement, and a visually attractive environment. Parents sing, dance, and interact with children and performers recognizing universal songs.

Music with the right volume for the little ones, but with the authenticity and credibility of adult concerts.

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